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Articles are available for professional publication.  To ensure proper and effective dissemination of our material and information, prior to releasing the rights to reprint our articles, we require publishers to agree to standard reprint terms.  For details about our reprint program, publications we have contributed to, monthly HR columns, costs, length or content of any articles, or a complete listing of titles, contact Seawright & Associates at (407) 645-2433 or info@seawright.com.

The following is a partial list of articles available for reprint:

  • Build Performance with a Better Review
  • By the Book (Employee Handbook Essentials)
  • Called to Duty
  • Coaching the Y2K Employee
  • Communication 101
  • Designing an Effective Bonus Program
  • Does Culture Matter?
  • Dress for Success
  • Employment of the Future:  Are You Ready?
  • Generation X’ers Help Us Prepare for the Y’s
  • Hire for Attitude; Train for Skill
  • Hiring Talent Begins with Recruiting Talent     
  • Interviewing Talent: Why You Can’t Wing It
  • Interviewing Words for the Wise
  • Is That Your Final Answer? (Best Interview Questions)
  • It’s Vacation Time
  • Making the Most of Personality Profiles
  • Making the Right HR Decision
  • Managing the Trust Meltdown
  • Managing Unemployment Claims
  • Merger Mania
  • Opinions Count (The Value of an Employee Opinion Survey)
  • Organizational Change Strategies
  • Personnel Files: Friends or Foes?
  • Preventing Workplace Violence
  • Relax – You Can Get a Reference
  • Retaining Employees in the Age of Disloyalty
  • Severance Pay & Benefits
  • Smart Hiring Does Not Happen by Accident
  • Tackling Turnover     
  • Terminations:  A Fact of Business Life
  • The ADA/Workers Compensation/FMLA Connection
  • The Death of Business Ethics?
  • Trusted Advisors: An Essential for Leaders
  • Understanding Sexual Harassment Liabilities
  • Wage and Hour Requirements:  Five Regulations You Can’t Ignore     
  • Wanted:  Legally Authorized Workers Only