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The Employment Genie

Now you can own a complete human resource department ‘in a box!’ Worried about hiring, coaching, and terminating employees legally and effectively?  As a business owner, you know that one bad hire or poorly executed termination can bring your business to its knees.  Finally, there’s a solution!  With The Employment Genie® system, you can hire smart, reduce turnover, limit liability, and implement consistent employment practices!

With over 40 pages of employment forms that you can actually use (we’ve released the copyright for internal use only for purchasers), The Employment Genie® will streamline and simplify your hiring, coaching, and termination processes. Written specifically for companies without large HR departments, the Genie® system contains straightforward answers; step-by-step procedures for hiring, coaching, and terminating employees; compliance tips; and ideas for effectively managing daily personnel issues.

Don’t wait to discover the latest practices that are working at hundreds of companies today!  Use it as a training guide and eliminate the need to attend costly HR seminars.

For only $295, you receive the complete Genie® package, including the manual in an attractive three-ring binder, a bonus set of employment forms for reproduction, and a CD-ROM with the complete system and ability to print the forms!

To order, simply call, toll free, 1-877-YES-GENIE (937-4364).  We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.  In most cases, your order will be shipped out within 24 hours of your call.  Shipping and handling will be added to your order.  Sales tax will be added to Florida purchases.